Cystitis is common in women, but uncommon in men. In women, 50% will be better within 3 days without taking antibiotics. Antibiotics are often not helpful even when the infection is bacterial as they irritate the gut and worsen the symptoms.

  • High fever causing shaking or arms or legs
  • All men with symptoms
  • Blood in urine
  • If you are pregnant or if you are diabetic
  • If symptoms not improving after 4 or 5 days
  • If you have severe back pain or persistent vomiting 

Urine tract infection


  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Try drinking cranberry juice
  • Paracetomol regularly
  • To prevent cystitis, wash and urinate before and after sex
  • ​​Burning or stinging sensation when passing urine
  • Needing to go to the toilet often
  • Offensive smelling urine
  • Cystopurin
  • or other potassium citrate sachets

Available medicine

Help Yourself

Contact the practice if any of the following occur: