Up to 3 X 300 mg tablets four times daily

Do not mix Aspirin with other medicines such as Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Diclofenac, Voltarol – if in doubt discuss with a pharmacist.

Certain groups such as those with Asthma, Bowel Disease, Stomach Ulcers/Acid Problems or Kidney disease may be advised not to take this medication and should discuss it with a pharmacist or doctor.

Flu & flu-like illness


Is licensed from birth and can bought over the counter for children.

The box gives clear guidance on doses dependant on the strength of preparation you buy.

You should consult you doctor if you feel you are disproportionately unwell, deteriorating fast or in a high risk group as detailed in the following link 



Up to 400 mg three times daily

Same as for aspirin


Doses of Medication Children under 12 yr

Not advised below 12 years. 

Ibuprofen is licensed from 3 months and dosing details from box or pharmacist.

Antibiotic use in flu-like illnesses



Consult your local practice

Doses of Medication Children over 12 yr and Adults

2 X 500 mg tablets four times daily

**Please read the packet of other cold and flu remedies to check there contents and ensure you do not exceed a maximum 24 hour dose of paracetamol**

Note that the most effective ingredient in many “flu remedies” is the paracetamol and buying it on its own from a chemist (or elsewhere) is usually much cheaper than combination medications.

Below is a link to excellent information about this illness, which makes you feel so unwell. However, the following information clarifies some points within the leaflet:

Influenza and associated illnesses are caused by viruses. This means that antibiotics have no effect on the flu illness itself.

Uncommonly an individual may get a secondary infection with a bacterium that requires antibiotics. However, the majority of people require no specific treatment beyond the above for symptom-relief.