• Green mucous (this is normal)
  • Coughing (this is the body's defence to remove debris from the lung)
  • Fever and Feeling unwell
  • Runny nose +/- Stuffed-up feeling and Sore throat
  • ​inhale steam to help loosen secretions and improve cough
  • take honey & lemon drinks
  • don't smoke
  • use extra pillows​​

Colds typically last 7 -14 days, but coughs more commonly last up to four weeks.

Coughs & Colds

Help yourself

  • Pholcodeine linctus for coughs
  • Sudafed tablets for decongestant effect
  • Paracetomol regularly
  • Ibuprofen regularly - its is safe to combine with paracetomol


  • Painful, fast, difficult breathing, Dribbling at the mouth in children
  • Being wheezy or short of breath that doesn't respond to your normal inhalers
  • A high temperature (>39'C) for more than 6 days in adults, but 2 days in children or infants. If under 6 weeks old bring babies immediately.
  • Blue lips, Feeling drowsy or confused even with a normal temperature
  • Coughing up blood

Available medicine

Contact us if any of the following occur: