Self Harm

Getting help

  • Make an appointment with your GP who will make an assessment and be able look at treatment options or referral to specialist services if appropriate.  

Useful websites
Harmless is a user led Nottingham based voluntary organisation. They offer a range of services including local self help groups, email and postal support. Visit the 
Harmless website for more details

First Signs is a voluntary organisation run by people with experience of self harm. The 
First Signs website includes information and support on coming out, alternatives and using make-up to hide scars.

​​Self harm is a term used to describe the deliberate harm or damage someone may do to their own body as a way of dealing with their emotions.

It is a coping strategy which the individual has learnt in order to deal with painful emotions or extreme distress.

The person who self harms may feel invisible and that they don't matter; by hurting themselves they express inner feelings.  Self harm helps individuals feel relief, release, calm or in control.  It may be used in anger, fear, through lack of confidence or to punish.

Self harm comes in different forms, including cutting, burning, hair pulling and taking overdoses of drugs. Afterwards it is common to feel frightened, upset or ashamed.  Self harm is not necessarily about attempted suicide and no one can measure the inner distress felt.  Any form of self harm indicates emotional distress or trauma and should be taken seriously.