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We hold regular patient participation group meetings to hear feedback about our practice help us develop our services

New members are always welcome. Please contact us if you are interested.

Patient Participation Group

The Student Wellbeing Centre, located on the First Floor of the Marina Building, is there to offer support, advice and guidance with any issues or challenges that students may have during their studies. The Student Wellbeing Centre is able to provide a tailored service for each and every student needing extra support whilst at University.  Support to students includes concerns around disability, specific learning difference, mental health or medical conditions, as well as anything which may cause emotional or psychological distress.

The Student Wellbeing team consists of Wellbeing Advisors, Mental Health Advisors and Counsellors, as well as administrative staff, all of whom are happy to support students throughout their University journey. ​

GP Declaration

You have a right to access the information recorded about you. Please be aware that the notes do not belong to you. They are the property of the NHS.

We are happy to help patients who wish to gain access to their medical records. To exercise this right please write to the Practice Manager with your request. We will then find you somewhere comfortable in the practice to look through them.

Unfortunately, you cannot take your medical records away from the practice. You can, however, request a photocopy of some, or all, of your records. There is a charge for this service to cover copying and staff time.

If others, such as solicitors, wish to access your records, a consent form signed by yourself must accompany their request (signed within the preceding 28 days).

From the 31st March 2016, you are now able to view your coded information within your health record online. This is available through Patient Access: Some of the data you will be able to see includes coded information about results, diagnoses, demographics, and immunisations.  Please visit the Practice in order to register for this service, you will need to provide photographic evidence of your identity (i.e student card, drivers licence, passport). You can ask reception for a patient information leaflet about this function should you require more information. 

Student Wellbeing CentreStudent Wellbeing Centre

GP Declaration

All GP Practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GP’s working to delivery NHS Services to patients at each practice.The Average pay for GPs working in The University of Nottingham Health Service in the last financial year was £0 before tax and National Insurance.  

Accessing your records

Clinical Staff

Dr Sarah Fletcher

Dr Adam Connor

Dr Tim Baker

Dr Matthew Litchfield
Liz Wilson –(Nurse Practitioner)
Lesley Barnes (Nurse Practitioner)
Zoe Boyes (Nurse Practitioner)
Bernie Gerrish – (Practice Nurse)
Claire Smith  - ( Practice Nurse)

Dianne Jackson (Practice Manager)
Kelly Hatfield – (Assistant Manager)
Sandra Mullender – (Administrator)
Elaine Broxholme – (Administrator)
Gina Eveson – (Administrator)