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Opening Times are:
Monday 7.30am – 6pm Doors
Tuesday 7.30am – 6pm Doors
Wednesday 7.30am – 6pm Doors
Thursday 7.30am – 7.45pm Doors
Friday 7.30am – 6pm Doors

Our phone lines operate between 8am & 6:30pm Monday to Friday, 

An out-of-hours emergency service is available at other times. You can also Use the 111 service. 

Contact the University Health Centre on +44 (0)1522 870010

Users registered to book online can do so below. For more information on how to register for this service please ask at reception.

Welcome to the University of Lincoln Health Service (ULHS). The GP practice specialises in looking after the students and staff of The University of Lincoln, their families and dependants.

You can register for the practice by collecting a registration form from our reception or downloading below.

Alternatively you can now register at the practice online. To do this please click the link below and fill out the form. 

Please only fill out this form once.​

For more information on our clinical and admin staff

From May 8th we are running a pilot scheme for Skype consultations. 

The consultations will be for mental health reviews.

Nurse Practitioners Liz Wilson & Lesley Barnes ​will be available for skype consultation.

For more information please view the documents below.

Skype Leaflet

Skype Consultation information

These sections include information and self care advice to help you deal with common illnesses or injuries.​

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Skype Consultations

Allocation of Named Accountable GP

All patients who register with us, including children, are allocated a named, accountable GP who is responsible for their overall care at the practice.  This is referred to as your 'Usual GP'.  You should be informed of your Usual GP when you register but you can check who this is with any member of staff at any time.  We will always make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests to change the Usual GP.

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